Food Stuffs
In order to provide for the more than 4,500 people every day, we need donations urgently. The prices of food stuffs in Nigeria are increasing steadily.


Medical Care
In our health centre mild sicknesses and injuries can be treated. However, there is great lack of medicines and equipment. Besides that, we need a vehicle for emergencies and to take those with more severe ailments to hospitals in the city.


Accomodations and Sanitary Facilities
At the moment about 200 children share a room, which results in extremely congested space conditions. The walls of those houses that were made from wood many years ago have become leaky with time and no more offer sufficient shelter from cold and rain.
Further, there is need of more toilets and bathrooms.


School Fees
We need financial support for the 54 youths that are currently studying at various universities and polytechnics.
Further, 102 of our youths gained admission in late 2019 to study courses like Medicine, Law, Engineering, Nursing etc. This is a dream come true, but unfortunately they could not begin their studies due to the high costs that need to be paid in advance. This includes acceptance fees, school fees, accommodation fees, text books etc.


School Buildings
In 2013 we started building 28 class rooms, but due to financial reasons we were not able to complete all of them. Walls need to be rendered, ceiling, floors, windows and doors need to be fixed. There is lack of desks and chairs which results in many children sitting on the floor during class.
Moreover, our class rooms are now overcrowded. More school facilities need to be built.


Provision of Other Basic Supplies
We need financial support in order to offer a basic supply with electricity and water daily. For this, enormous amounts of diesel and fuel for our generators are needed. Further, there are high costs for regular waste collection and wastewater disposal.
We also need essential goods like sanitary articles, body care products, clothes and much more.



Support a child

Sponsor a student