Challenges / Funding


Till the ending of 2013, all our children were accommodated in several rented apartments in the city, which were soon overfilled, due to the ever increasing number of children. Moreover, the house rents were getting unaffordable, and so we began to build temporary houses on our own land, the “International Centre”, outside the city.

In December 2013, all the children (more than 500, now about 4000) moved to the "International Centre”. The land has a dimension of more than 30 hectares.

We also began to build 28 massive classrooms for our school, which could not be completed yet, due to lack of finances. The brick walls have been done a bit more than half.
Therefore, we are using a temporary school building made from wood so that the children can live and attend school at the same place.

We are also going to build more toilets and shower rooms, which are needed urgently.


Current status? >>> Newsletter Febr. 2016


Video roundview:
International Centre 07/2014






Panorama hall side


Panorama School (28 class rooms)


We don’t only need support for these building projects, but also for the daily transportation of our university students to their various places of study and back home.
Another aspect we need support is the education of the children, especially those at university/higher institutions (admission fees, school fees, text books, school uniforms etc., which is very expensive).

Further, we need help in the general support of the children, like feeding, clothing, health care and other basic amenities.

Please pray and help us in whatever way God puts in your heart.



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