We provide orphans and vulnerable children with accom-modation, food, clothing, medical/health care and qualitative education at our orphanage school “Christlike Schools” (Kindergarten/Nursery, Primary and Secondary).

From here we assist them further to the University level.

We also rehabilitate and equip those unable to go to school with skills such as furniture making, tailoring, craftmanship etc.


We render mental, spiritual, moral and social support also to the children, especially those who have been abused/molested in one way or the other.

We lead the children to Christ and bring them up in the way of God. As they go through counseling, God is working on them and restoring their lives.
The children are always happy to pray, praise God and share God’s word together.
They follow God with all their hearts, they go out for evangelism and witnessing and have led many people to Christ.


Support a child

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